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September 25 – My First “Tortuga Festival”

Hey there folks! It is me again Dante Tortuga or Jamey, whatever you prefer. I’m here checking back in after a wonderful six week run at the Michigan renaissance festival, and oh man what an experience. I have certainly had the pleasure of performing at my local renaissance festival but this was my first time there not as a lane actor and there are definitely some major differences.

I was super happy with the weather (Florida weather for most of the run), and I had an absolutely incredible time working with my brothers Bryan and John. They made me feel immediately like part of the family, and we didn’t skip a beat working things out with one another. What have to say was really amazing was all of the wonderful fans, people who had seen the show last year and loved it enough to come back were nice enough to come talk to me, and they really made me feel like part of the Tortuga Twin family as well.

Raising money for RESCU

Ultimately, Michigan was a fantastic faire and definitely the type of way I wanted to start my run as a Tortuga twin. That being said I am stoked to be in Connecticut for its full run, arriving early with John to do some early work and also competing to see just how many mistakes two people can put into one cross country trip.

Stepping away from pure festival stuff, many of you may know I do have a Dante Tortuga fan page on Facebook. I will eventually get better at posting on it so you know I’m thinking about you guys. I also would like to take the chance to invite everyone to check out my new twitter page @DanteTortuga, which I will totally, probably, maybe post on as both myself and my character, but probably more often as myself so if you want to read some blurbs out of Jamey’s head then that is the best place to do it.

Anyway I hate to talk your heads off and I am definitely a notorious rambler so I will end it with this, Thank you so much everyone for being so welcoming and bringing me into this wonderful family of people, I hope to make you all proud of me!

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