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September 2012 – Traveling to New England

Well, another perfectly good month has gone by. Some fun times were had at home, and always have fun on the road.

The month started in a rather unique fashion. I’m sure you heard that Charlotte hosted the 2012 Democratic National Convention. I couldn’t let the entire event go by without at least checking it out. So one day we hopped on the light rail and went up town. Oh dear god was it a circus. All kinds of vendors selling political paraphernalia, protesters, cops everywhere! Best part was the “dancing traffic cops.” Three guys that came in from south of Atlanta. I never would have thought watching someone direct traffic could be so entertaining!

But the highlight of the trip was that we went to see The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I love this man’s show. Obviously he’s a liberal (as am I… big shocker), but I appreciate that he’s just as likely to call out any Democrat on their bullshit as his is any Republican. This man is a policital and comic genius.

Getting in was a bit of a hassle. First you had to sign up for “tickets” online. Then you had to show up early on the day of the show. People started lining up before they even starting handing out the next “ticket.” We were waiting for probably 90 minutes in line and finally got our “ticket.” Now, even this *second* ticket doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get into the show! You have to come back at showtime and they let you into the theatre in numerical order of your ticket. We were in the nosebleed section and made it by about only 20 people! Whew! But damn it was worth it.

Michigan closed for us without any major events, and then it was on to Connecticut. At Connecticut we get to camp on-site, right in the thick of things. So it has a great social atmostphere for us. Unfortunately our campsite had some water issues. But nothing a little trenching and tarps can’t fix!!! :-D

I tell ya, it’s nice to finally be a returning act at most of our festivals!

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