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November 2012 – November means festivals in two different states, travel and Thanksgiving on the Bayou

Installment three of my three-month journal-writing marathon covers November.

It’s Saturday night after a long and fun Louisiana Renaissance Festival day. I’m back in my post-morning meeting jeans and t-shirt. I ‘d rather be naked, but since Riki, Bryan and Dakota are here for dinner I’ll politely remain dressed. Dinner is Heather’s version of a Hopalong Cassidy burger. She formulated it after our first dining experience at the Speakeasy Alehouse in Concord, NC. Heather’s is better. We just finished watching Elementary, the Sherlock Holmes remake and are now watching “Raising Hope”. The best news is that I am only five days late for this particular journal.

Our nineteenth-year of the Carolina Renaissance Festival ended gloriously.

Our crowds aren’t nearly as big as what we see in Minnesota but they are at least as wild and maybe love us a little more. Some days our show feels like a deranged Rocky Horror Picture Show event with people throwing eyeballs and cats and monkeys on stage. We love the area. We love the people the food and the weather. We love our working and our living conditions… For that matter I’m giddy about my wife and daughter and almost everything about my life. Except maybe the trailer… I’m a little tired of all the repairs I have had to do or pay for over the years even if it does occasionally make for a damned-funny photograph.

We took care of some Tortuga fun and games too

We finally got to work with the new guy Jamey: Dante Tortuga. He’s great! He’s funny, charming, cute-as-a-button and a lot of fun to be around. He’s a great addition to the troop and I think he’ll be around for a long time. We did some shopping. We almost made a last-minute change to “Sexy Salvador’s” costume for Very Tortuga Christmas – but when Heather and I discovered that this particular Santa suit was crotchless – we reconsidered. We even hosted yet-another very fun, silly and successful Meet and Greet in Charlotte. There was food, Tortugas Games, Tortugas Drinking, Tortugas acting up and Tortugas shooting Zombies. What a hoot! In many ways the Meet and Greets have become one of my favorite events all year.

Alas; in the fullness of time …

It was time to break down our business concerns, pack up our house and leave late Tuesday to make the drive to Louisiana. We slept in a Wal-mart parking lot in Alabama… a stop that required me to do some emergency repairs to our truck-and-trailer combo. Did you know that there is a second, more massive fuse box in a truck like mine that houses the giant fuse that power things like the battery recharge connection for your trailer? Did you know that if that fuse pops, you get no indication just a bedroom slide that dies halfway extended? Fortunately I did. We will miss you Carolina and we count the days until we return

Thanksgiving at the Haeusers is one of my favorite traditions

We arrived at the Louisiana Festival site at a relatively reasonable hour. As always, though I called to ensure that my sight would be ready – it was not. But it was only the shortest delay until we were parked, level and set-up. I’d taken care of the most important task before we’d ever left Carolina. Sitting in my fridge was a big Tupperware of cranberry sauce; I wasn’t about to make the mistake of not having the C-sauce ready ever again. Next year they plan to extend the Carolina Renaissance Festival to eight weekends in 2013. Due to some weirdness in scheduling this won’t prevent us from attending what has become our favorite holiday tradition. 2013 will be our last chance to go however and this makes us all sad. The group size has ranged from twenty-five to sixty seated at the massive table  This year’s number seemed perfect. We were pleased to bring our family (Dakota) to share thanksgiving with our Family (The Haeusers).

There was so much fun to be had at Thanksgiving.

Scarlett had a blast. She ate loads of food, watched a fish die in the fish tank and played the piano. Bob took her for a drive on the tractor – her first time ever and even let her drive. Though we didn’t get to shoot guns this trip – Muggsy and I did bring them – we all had fun, ate, played games drank and shared the warmth and friendship and all became quite tuckered out. It was a very good night.

I’m trying to think what else did this month…

I mentioned my shooting trip in last month’s journal but I didn’t mention that I got my first ever MRI. I was advised that my mom’s condition might be hereditary but I’m now happy to report that my brain is a-ok. Well, at least as far as the aneurysms are concerned. I didn’t mention that I had breakfast with one of my coolest friends Jana – which was cool as heck. Nor did I mention Heather’s and my date – Vietnamese Pho and a trip to the sex toy store. Meow. I’ve had a movie date with Scarlett, one with Heather and even one to see the final Twilight movie with Dakota. I loved it. I guess that I should probably also mention that after years of procrastinating about it I finally did my first ever real-life stand-up routine. No let me say that again: despite having huge anxiety about it and putting it off for years due at least in part because of stage fright (weird right?) I finally did my first ever STAND UP ROUTINE!!! I tried to sneak off and let no one know but Heather and Dakota put the kibosh on that. They were sitting right there to support my inaugural attempt. I need to watch the video they shot as I don’t really remember what I said. It went GREAT I got loads of compliments and not just the sort that you have to say… and I LOVED it. I loved it. I will be doing it regularly soon. Oh, and S’Mores. I had my first-ever S’More!!! No you can’t see the video (stand up, not the S’Mores) and yes when I get a few more shows under my belt you’re all invited!

I think that’s gonna bring my journaling marathon to its conclusion

It’s now midnight, for reasons’ that I won’t disclose the keys on my keyboard are dancing and I’m gonna finish, then correct, edit, link and upload this tomorrow morning. I’m now caught up and should have December’s journal out in a timely fashion. I think sometime soon, maybe in January I’ll do another zombie themed entry? Okay, that’s it, gotta go. Let me just leave you with this particularly stupid fortune cookie fortune I got the other day at lunch with my Mom… What the hell?

Stupid fortune cookie

Stupid fortune cookie

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