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May 2012- Back to the OK

Mari-mari folks!
That’s right it’s back to ole’ Muskogee, OK! Peacocks, towers and ‘snow trees’. It’s good to see old faces again. Zack n Jen, Liz, the professional showoff… there are really too many to list. I would be doing a great slight if I did not mention that we were more than excited to see our stage partners from ‘the…. Mead… dow….. staaaaage…’ THE JESTER REJECTS! Awesome. You know wild times are abound when you mix us together- zombie walk anyone? Avengers show anyone? Velociraptor walk through the children’s area anyone? This year they expanded the areas added a new bar/area right next to our stage called ‘The Cave.’ A place where I spent a good portion of my time! Again- I stayed in the Dark tower but by myself. I had a sweet setup for interent with my computer sitting outside teathered to my phone. I also got lost in Neflix for abit. John had his pup along so he stayed in the campground tenting it. Unlike Texas which was an artistic boom for me… OK was not. Really was not. I’m unsure if it was the isolation, the internet, Netflix or what but I just could not engage. That being said, our shows were great! Fun time had by all and some of our best Sword shows to date. I actually got to stalk a ‘mysterious set of strangers’ one day and to my surprise- it was Diane LaChance and Lily Hufnagel! YaY! Anyways, there were a couple of weekends of rum and playing magic the gathering (Real bored here folks). I ran into snafu’s with trying to get to Europe. See back in Tampa I lost my passport (second time in 10 years) plus it had gone out in March. So it’s to the passport office to get a new one. Now I haven’t done this since before 9/11 so the rules have changed a good bit. Needless to say- being on the road I didn’t have enough info on me to get one so I had to order a long form birth certificate, a short form birth certificate and a state ID from SC that wasn’t a driver’s license (think voting card.) Yay! Delays there make me worried seeing as I dropped about a grand on a ticket already. Last time I went to Europe the ticket was at about 550 bux… so I had a little sticker shock there.
Diane and I explored Tulsa abit- more interesting city than I first thought. Keeping in the theme of weird and haunted was easy here… they have tons of stuff. More than a days worth really. We hit the Cave house. A little shack that used to be a speak easy… it was… interesting. I was interested with the place than what the woman who owns it now was redecorating it with. There were underground tunnels for the rich execs in the downtown area… an arts district… the river front (where you CAN’T get ice cream) the tallest free standing statue in the US (the bronze Tulsa oil man)… and one of my more favorite spots: The Center of the Universe. If you stand in it there’s a strange sound echo… don’t know why myself right now but I bet it’s online. Céilidh was exciting this year- with me in a kilt (and TT booty shorts) dancing for the Queen. I just wish I could remember doing it… (so does the Queen by the way!) This year even saw me bring out my old (and official) full Ninja outfit! I did the Masquerade Ball as a mustache ninja!
But alas- all things come to an end and so, we packed up the gear and headed out to our next jaunt: Sioux Falls!

I think our comfortable silence scares others.

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