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February 2013 – Will you be mine?

Is it just me, or does it feel colder this year than last February?  I need someone to help keep me warm.

The first three weeks were pretty laid back.  Last minute preparations for heading down to Bay Area Renaissance Festival.  The most exciting thing in my work would probably be pretty boring to most people.  We implemented the largest and most expensive project I’ve ever had at my work.  We’ve installed two EMC AVAMAR systems to manage our online backups.  No more DLT tapes!  I know that doesn’t mean much to most, but man, is it a time and life saver for me!  One of these units will be sent to our other office to manage off-site backups as well.

And, we hate to ruin the illusion… But the blue team also has some rehearsals!  Jamey has never performed the full-blown R-Show before.  In fact I think he only saw it twice in Carolina last fall.  So with him and Jon down in Florida, and myself in Charlotte, we scheduled a few webcam rehearsals to go over lines and discuss the many, many, many different joke threads that can be used in that show.

I’m actually very excited for Bay Area this year.  Last year was the blue teams first year down there, and I was nervous.  Hey, it’s the home festival for the gold guys.  Granted it’s been near a decade since they’ve performed a full run there… but still.   However this year, no worries.  And I was excited to be working with Jamey there–his home festival–seeing how they react to him.  And seeing what energy and dynamic he brought to the R-Show.

If opening weekend was any indication… No Problem!  It was definitely a more polished show than we were able to put on last year… a tighter hand on the reins so to say.

Bay Area also marks the first time that the entire blue team has their own lodgings.  Up to this point I’ve generally stayed with one or the other, or all three of us together.  But at Bay Area, Jon and Lily found an efficiency apartment, and Jamey has his own apartment.  I reached out to our friends who work the Kings Ale Pub.  So for the next six weeks I’m bouncing around between Brandy’s, Thom’s, and Paul’s.  Thank you guys!!

So, yeah… stay tuned… this year is going to be a great one for the blue team. :-D

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