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February 2013 – Let’s get this 2013 season started!!!

With the birth of baby Mia behind us it’s time to start our lives as mommy and daddy! The first thing we realized is that children really slow down a commute. Our average MPH dropped from 65 to 55! Even thru the Texas panhandle where the speed limit is 75.

Once in Arizona we did our normal set up and got the RV in House mode. I’ll tell ya after living in RV’s on and off over the last 15 years I’ve realized I don’t need a big house to be happy. Our plan is to keep touring and live in the RV until Mia is 4 or 5. Then, we’ll get a house and I’ll commute to shows until I retire. (Very weird to say that!) But we’ll see what time has in store for us. If you had asked me two years ago what I’d be up to now, I surely wouldn’t have included a baby in the mix!

Arizona is moving by quickly! The shows are going well and the weather is being very cooperative with the exception of a mid week blizzard that didn’t affect the show. It’s hard to believe we’re halfway thru the faire already. I have a feeling time is gonna move a bit quicker with a baby in the homestead.

Most of our time is spent tending to Mia. So, I don’t have too much to write about this month. It’s a feed the baby, burp the baby, and change the baby kind of routine. Don’t get me wrong… baby Mia is awesome! She’s the coolest kid ever! (Like every parent says…) She’s just demanding of our attention. Imagine that!

This month we also celebrated the 5th birthday of Ronn’s (Scaramouche) daughter Scarlett. She was born February 2nd but we celebrate it with another of our friend’s son’s birthday so the party is late in February or the beginning of March. I imagine we might have a 3 way birthday in the future. That’s a lot of cake!!

It’s always nice to see our little community come together to celebrate birthdays. Young or old it’s always a good time. I imagine it’s kinda cool growing up around the Ren Faire. I can’t say that Mia will be spending a ton of time around the faires after she’s school age but I sure she’ll get to see the shows “behind the scenes.”

The only other event of note was our trip to the Greek Festival. Being a HUGE fan of Greek food and drink I always jump at the chance to attend any I find. Kimmie had never been to one or had any Greek food before. She was in for a treat! Jes on the other hand attended a Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis so she was very familiar with this kind of event. Our evening was filled with great food, some Ouzo and some great desserts! Not to mention the company… Thanks for a great time!

Well, that’s about it… short and sweet. Next month we’ll have the Fan Club Meet and Greet and a trip to VEGAS to talk about. Something interesting always happens on my Vegas trips. Hopefully this will be no different.

Type to ya soon!!!

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