Bryan Ragon – Salvador Tortuga

Bryan spent the first twenty years of his life in the tiny town of East Dubuque, Illinois . While most little boys were either playing t-ball, joining little league, or playing cowboys and indians–this was before the day of guitar hero, mind you–Bryan and his friends busied themselves playing hobbits and orcs.  One could say his uber geek status was won at an early age–a title he has never relinquished.

While his older sisters, Jennifer and Michelle, were content to go for the sports route in high school, Bryan followed in the footsteps of his cousin, Carissa.  Perhaps this was due to one too many incidents of “No one can beat up my little brother but me!  Here, let me show you!”  (Don’t worry, he now has a wonderful, loving, and abuse free relationship with both of his sisters.)  His cousin, however, was a musician and actress.  When one is unable to hit a baseball, at least they can make you smiling by playing the fool on-stage.

Bryan’s theatre career started as many do, with high school plays.  Things got serious once college came around.  At the height of his college years, he was performing in seven to eight shows a year.  In his life he has worked with 15 different companies and performed in approximately 75 shows.  It was during this time that he lost all shame, gaining the ability to strip for medieval audiences everywhere–don’t let the glare blind you.

His first step toward tortugahood wasn’t even recognizable as such.  In 2000 he left the quaint, corn-loving mid-west, and traveled to Charlotte, NC.  He spent the next seven years there, by day a mild mannered computer administrator, by night a man of steel, er, the theatre.  In his early years in Charlotte, he met a follow actor, Brian Holloway.  The next step towards velvet tights.

In 2007, Brian and Bryan–I swear that could be the title of a musical dance number–were performing together in Into the Woods.  Brian is the local cart-god for the Twins  in Carolina.  He told Bryan that the twins were looking for new members, and thought that Bryan might be a good fit.  He had been a patron for several years, but never considered being a renaissance performer.

After careful consideration of 12.3 seconds–okay a week–Bryan took the plunge and threw his feather plumed hat onto the stage.  The original triumvirate decided to give him a shot, and he started training with them at Carolina in 2008.  The final path, leading through the woods to a yellow shirt.

Since then Bryan has counted himself lucky, to work with, and befriend guys as great–most of the time–as Jef, Riki, and Ronn.