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An October to Remember

We woke up early. Prepared for the long road that was awaiting us. My hotel room was packed. John’s tent was ready. We were sitting in the car, a cracked engine block keeping our oil a court low at all times, and fourteen hours separating us from our goal. Connecticut for the Connecticut Renaissance festival (or King Arthur’s Fall Harvest Festival for those keeping track). We looked at each other, our eyes meeting for only a moment. The look we shared said it all, thick or thin we are getting there.


So off we drove, our stuff packed into his car as we kept our fingers crossed for survival. Also with us Lily (john’s girlfriend) driving her 2004 Toyota Matrix. We had to hope we didn’t break down because her car was equally packed with stuff and there was no hope for us if we did except a very good hitch hiking job with some very roomy cars. As we drove down the car seemed to be driving well enough. Nothing to bad except for a pretty shaky idle. Lily pulled away for a bit as me and john stopped off to pick up oil and snacks to make sure we were well lubricated and the car was full…wait flip that, anyway. So we hurried on to catch up when we received a call. Lily’s car had broken down. We were shocked…dumbfounded…laughing horribly at this terrible sense of irony. As we pulled up we saw the car sitting there lightly smoking. We quickly thought to ourselves…oh no…whatever could it be? As we were not mechanics we decided, eh, we will be fine we are men, and it is practically in our genes. So, loaded with information we decided to huddle up and diagnose the problem.


“There was shaking, and white smoke, and I think a pop,” Lily said.


As there were no men in the car we immediately took it with a grain of salt, but since we had nothing else to go on we decided good enough. John’s immediate thought was that the head gasket blew. Bryan also agreed. I suggested that perhaps a sniper put a bullet through her water pump and it was leaking out…however the lack of bullet holes immediately removed my idea, so I jumped on the head gasket train too. Soon enough the tow truck was there and we were on the move to someplace in Ohio. Not the city Someplace (which I will assume exists since I don’t feel like looking it up), I just don’t remember where in Ohio because…I mean, really, it’s Ohio. We sat about for a while, until the mechanic came and told us the news.

“There is a hole in your water pump”

“Caused by a sniper rifle?” I asked hopefully.

“Uhm…no, probably just a factory defect.” he said.


I coughed softly and murmured that I was joking, but I don’t think anyone bought it. Later we learned the head gasket was also damaged so we felt a bit of reprieve about the whole thing. I suggested capping it like ol’ yeller but I guess the car was still pretty repairable so they went with that. Unfortunately, myself and John had plans for the future so we left Lily behind to trek her way on her own (once the car was fixed of course). John and I had no other trouble on the road to Connecticut.


Once we were there we immediately set upon out new task. Building a maze. Rather than bore you with all the details lets just say we were eventually successful but we realized we should never be architects. Then, we did five weeks of Connecticut. During the run I spent three days in New York (amazing) and four days in Massachusetts (also amazing), and a few days in actual Connecticut (not counting the faire days. I met some absolutely amazing people who I would list here if I thought they would see it or if I had unlimited room.


Eventually though, we had to leave. Off on the long journey to North Carolina. Once again, me and john sat in the car. Our lives packed to perfection within it. Our eyes met and we knew what we knew before, thick or thin we would make it. So down we went, south. Luckily the trip was pretty successful overall, with only a few villainous figures showing their faces to create havoc for our travel (gas prices, john’s small bladder, my need to eat). However eventually we did make it to North Carolina (with like a pit stop here and there to let Ferris the dog and Zeke the bird sleep. Wow I lived next to them for a month and it took til now to mention them). As we are approaching the home of my dear Tortugan brother, we get a call from Lily.


Her car broke down. Again.


We again laughed at the miserable irony. Park next to her car and decide to confer as to the problem. I once again suggested the invisible sniper, so they sent me back to the car with my laptop to sing, a simple trick but unfortunately quite affective against me. Soon enough they sent me on to john’s home to give the news that john and lily were lost in transit, and how sad we all were to lose them. His mom was a bit confused when he walked in, especially when I yelled zombie and threw a rock at them. Actually now that I mention it John was pretty confused too. Turns out they were just resurrected and we were all excited. We had a wonderful Halloween dinner and pelted children with pounds of frozen water. Man, Halloween in North Carolina is fun!


See you guys next month!!

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