A Very Tortuga Christmas

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Come join us at the Pease Auditorium on CPCC’s campus for our brand new Christmas Show!

A Very Tortuga Christmas will be performed on December 14th at 8pm!

What are you waiting for?  Get your tickets now!

Executive Producers

And a very special Christmas thank you to all of our Kickstarter backers!

Adam Baxter
Adamatt Simmons
Alan Carda
Alex Wolff
Allen Marston
Allison Greene
Aly Glitterbomb Vance
Amanda Cole
Amanda Dobbins
Amanda Sweeden
Amanda Yates
Amie Marie Carey
Andrew Youngberg
Anesa & Joe Vecciarelli
Angela An Phillips
Angela Tilley
Angie Long
Annalisa Correia
Ashlee Seaton
Barry Hinkelman
Beth Siegel
Betsy Brower
Bill Krebbs V
Bill, Connie, Roni & Dahlton Petersen
Brandon & Melanie Williams
Brian Kirkner
Brian Sebby
Brianna Black
Brooke Greene
Bryan McCarthy
Caden Logan
Caitlyn Lothian
Casey Marston Mullis
Cassy Denn
Cathy Sipprell
Charles Allen
Cherry Roberts
Christiana Brown
Christina Kramer
Christina Miller
Christine C. Carter
Christopher L Crowell
Christopher Schamel
Cornelia Corey
Crews Family
Dan Skywalker
Daniel Greig
Daniell Setzer
Dannicus Dan Van Der Werf
Daric Sitzman
David Schwartz
David Wykoff
Dawn Sobczak
Dawn Wise
Deborah e. Johnson
Dennis & Liz Young
Donna hayes Johnson
Dylan & Carrie Ramos
EJ Schwartz
Elizabeth M. Davis
Elizabeth Owens
Emily Greene
Eric Allgaier, Esq.
Forrest Lynn Wolff
Gayle M. Gilmore
Heather Binkley
Heike Wischnewski
Jamie & Mike Wrage
Janice “PyrateJan” Hoyle
Jason & Lisa Austin
Jason Lee Miller
Jeff & Molly Partyka
Jen Bomesberger
Jenn R. Lopez
Jennifer Cantrell
Jennifer Dolejsi
Jennifer Marie Ferguson
Jessica Starr Green
Jill Hansen
Jimmy “JR” Ray Tyner
Jo”Wrathburned” Rathburn
Joanna Volavka
John & Debby Damrau
John Hagerstrom
John Harris
Justin Z. Price
Kelly Kirks
Kenneth Steed
Kevin & Kayce Westervelt
Kim Bosecker
Kim DeFelice
Kimberly N. Moore
LaLa Zigfreid
Lana Louise Dobbs
Larry & Nicci Doig
Larry Fleming
Laura Dinsmoor
Leah Juster
Leigh Louque
Linsdey Suliman
Lisa M. Mena
Lynn Schaper
Lynne Skinner
Manda Stanton
Margaret Garberick
Marie Ammann
Mark Byrne
Marlayna M. Youngblood
Matt D. Parsley
Melanie Leland
Melissa Hanenberger
Melissa Jones
Michelle Gralish
Michelle Rova
Mike & Petra Richardson
Molly Phillippe
Monty Setzer
Mylissa Staley
Nancy Nosek
Naomi Colby
Natasha Hill
Nick &U Crystal Ferguson
Niki Bennett
Nikki Martin
Pam Johnson
Pat & Joe (Biker Marine) Fucile
Penny Malicoat
Phil Brunson
Phillip Kramp
Racheal Jorgenson
Rachel Lubich
Ray McCoy
Rhonni Rocks
Richelle Fast
Rick T
Rob Martinson
Rob Stolpe
Rowan Rose
Roy Winters III
Russell Bennett Jr & Robert Bennet
Sarah Malicoat
Shane Heath
Sharon Estes
Sharon Lewis
Sharyn Watson
Sheryl Zentgraf
Sue Seeger
Suzanne Sink
Terence Gillen
Teresa Middleton
Tessa Cohen
The Catalfo Family
Tim & Rebecka Swatman
Tim Kuhr
Trish Misiura
Tyna Miller
Veronica Hitch
Vicky H
Wendi Reed
Zoltan the Adequate

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    • Tortugas may be everywhere today, but our hearts are with friends & family in Florida. Be safe! #FloridaStrong
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